Mobile App Development

Extend your business with professionally designed and customised app solutions for phones and mobile devices.

Dedicated mobile app development for your business needs

Our developers have achieved amazing, integrated experiences across mobile devices for clients. Whether you are looking to extend your brand with a dedicated app or it’s your sole offering, we can design and develop beautiful and functional apps for your brand.

Professional app development services

At Flowmedia, our dedicated development team have successfully helped many of our clients expand their businesses with cutting-edge apps developed specifically to deliver new experiences for their customers. Our mobile app development team has an extensive skillset and the tools needed to support you throughout the development process and to craft beautifully designed apps that reinforce your brand.

We understand how important this is to have an effective user experience and we can develop apps that are compatible with iOS and Android; ensuring that you can reach your customers no matter what platform they use. Whether you are looking to improve customer interaction with your business, reward customer loyalty or just have a great app idea, our team can create truly eye-catching apps that showcase your products or services and create instant brand recognition. 

Plus, as a full-service marketing and design agency, we can support you with design work, copywriting and app store optimisation to ensure that your app looks its best and connects with your target audience. 

If you would like to discuss your app development project with us, drop us an email or call us for a chat on 01702 297822.

How our mobile app development process works

When it comes to our app development projects, we follow five key steps as part of our process. Initially, our developers will meet with you to review your requirements and understand your business model if needed. What follows is the initial stages of the design process where we will produce wireframes and graphical mockups for your app so you can see our vision before any development starts. We believe that our development process is cooperative and our team works with you to ensure that your brand is reflected in any designs we produce. Once approved, our team moves on to the building phase; where we will create the basis for your app’s framework and infrastructure. When developing your app we use the leading technologies to ensure that your app conforms to all current standards required by app stores. 

When we have a working prototype, we will meet with you again to review the app and work with you to identify any changes that are required to ensure that the final version meets your exact needs.  Once all features and requirements are finalised, we will complete the build and move into a testing environment where we will fix any bugs before submission to your required app store. The app store approval process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks and is required before an app can be listed.

When the app is accepted by the store, we will then host the app connect up to any analytics systems you have selected. If you have chosen to promote the app with us, we will start these campaigns as well. Finally, we will discuss with you a maintenance and update schedule for your app to improve and maintain the functionality, if required.