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Increase in keyword ranked


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About myRaceKit

myRaceKit is an online and brick and mortar sports and running wear store, specialising in Ultra (multi-day) marathons and races. Since starting in 2009, myRaceKit has grown to be one of the leading retailers within the ultra running space, by offering a unique try before you buy and personal shopper service from their shopfront.

The Problem

After updating their website to a new e-commerce platform, myRaceKit were looking for help to increase website conversions and revenue and drive the company forward. However, they were facing a few challenges which were preventing them from accessing new customers – which needed to be resolved to ensure the continued growth of the business. Additionally, myRaceKit were looking to capitalise on and increase their social media presence to expand their access to potential customers across these channels as well.

Our Solution

When myRaceKit approached us to assist, we conducted an in-depth audit to review their current website for issues which were impacting the site and reviewed their current social media marketing content and strategy. We fed the key points (takeaways) back to the team at myRaceKit to highlight the key elements that would need to be targeted to ensure that they achieved their business goals. Our review highlighted some urgent issues facing the business:

  • The website’s content wasn’t optimised
  • myRaceKit had no defined keyword strategy 
  • Their Return On Ad Spend was low
  • Their social content wasn’t tuned to their audience

Working with the team at myRaceKit, we set out a multi-channel strategy that would help them achieve them. The main goal for myRaceKit was to improve website sales via digital channels (paid, organic and social). This meant that the strategy we deployed needed to focus on driving relevant traffic through to the site from each channel that would convert resulting in an increase in revenue. This meant that our focus KPI was the overall e-commerce conversion rate of the site as well as each channel.

What We Did:

  • Based on the issues highlighted in our site audit, we implemented a plan to update the onsite elements and customer’s journey through the site to improve conversions. We also looked at the entry pages for the site and optimised these to improve conversion. To improve their keyword targeting, we created a series of optimised landing pages targeting specific sections of myRaceKit’s business.
  • We reviewed the Google Ads account and streamlined it to improve the return on investment. Our paid search experts started by removing duplicated and non-converting keywords across all campaigns, then restructured each of campaigns to optimise ad coverage and reduce cannibalisation.
  • We worked with myRaceKit’s team to create a strategy that they can use on Social Media to develop their audience and improve their outreach.
  • Working with myRaceKit we created a content strategy to support and improve their link building projects, while also building on the website rankings and authority.

The Result

Since we started the campaign in 2019, myRaceKit has seen continued growth. The overall conversion rate for the site has increased by 40% year on year which has led to a 32% increase in revenue from the website. The company has reduced ad spend with no impact on the return on investment, in fact, they have seen continued improvement.

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