How We Work

Over the years we have developed a very nice way of interacting with our clients

Over the years, we have found that our process works to get to the root of your problem, establish what needs to be done to fix it and generate great ideas on top. Seems a lot but we find it works well.

Conversations & questions

With any project, we undertake the first thing we do is to get a complete understanding of your needs. Whether it be for an application, website or brand the only way we can understand it is to walk into a project with lots of dumb questions followed up by conversations. This allows us to understand the project and apply our knowledge and skills to develop a concise brief that we can then develop in the next stage.

What is our process?

How we work is very important to us as it allows us to create the work we do. The following is an introduction to our process so you know what you will be getting if you decide to engage our services on your project.


Research and Understand Your Business

We undertake detailed research to gain an insight into your industry and allow us to fully understand the potential goals of the project. We would like to gain as much insight from you throughout this stage so we can get a clear indication of how you see your company and its current and future goals. As a conclusion to our research, we will outline the goals that the site must fulfil.

Generate Ideas

Based on the results of our research we start to generate ideas. This is a “free for all” session where no idea is considered to be a bad idea. Later into the project, we will enter into discussions about what ideas to pursue and what ideas to dismiss. The ideas phase is specifically designed to address answers to questions posed by the research phase. We would encourage you to take part in this phase as it’s your business and your insights and ideas are invaluable to us.

How We Will Achieve Your Goal

At this point, we will create a specification document for the project. This will define the final goals, tasks to be undertaken, the time frame and the final pricing structure for the project.


Our process up to this stage has given both you and us a chance to develop an offering that fulfils your requirements and allows both parties to be clear about what is going to be delivered. Throughout this phase, we will request you to sign off work at key times.

The Prove is In…

As they say, the proof is in the pudding and we have both happy clients and excellent results to show for our campaigns – so you know that the digital marketing solutions we offer work. Have a look at our case studies to see some of our success stories.

What We Need From You

Your responsibilities and input

During the course of the project, we will be calling upon you for ideas, insights, feedback and sign off. We are dedicating our time to producing a solution that has a purpose and the only way we can get to a finished product is to involve you in the process. Your involvement in this process is integral to the success of the project and delivery of the final product.

Project management

We have worked in a number of ways over the years and have found that using project management software is the only way to work with our customers. We understand that most people are not familiar with project management so we will be happy to walk you through our system as it is the best way to communicate with our customers and avoids huge email trails that will start to fill up your inbox with large projects.

Our on-going commitment

Design, technology, opinions and of course your business changes over time and we never consider a project finished for those exact reasons. We like to come back to our customers with new ideas and reviews of work that we have already produced in order to keep the site up to date with the latest designs, technologies, address changing opinions and changes in your own requirements.

So pop in for a chat

We're based in Southend on Sea and always up for a chat, so feel free to pop in, or just give us a call.