Brand Design

We help you to identify and expand your brand.

We create new and innovative brand experiences by understanding your strategic thinking and expanding it to deliver beautifully effective branding. We have experience across industries and verticals, providing powerful brand designs enabling our clients to engage and delight their customers.

What We Do

You need to be able to communicate not only who your company is but why your company matters to your customers, this requires creative and strategic thinking to achieve.

We specialise in creating compelling brands with targeted messaging that connects with your customers on an emotive level. By creating a unique tone, story and iconic face for your brand we develop your brand into an experience that your customers not only remember but love. Our brand experiences are, by design, authentic – creating customer engagement and developing emotional connections which inspire customers to take your desired action.

Brand Strategy

Brand Audit

Brand Positioning

Competitor Analysis

Brand Building

Brand Design

Company Naming

Logo Design

Visual Identity

Brand Identity

Brand Guidelines

How We Do It

We get to know you and your company from your products and services to your culture and people, this way we are perfectly positioned to help to craft a brand identity that truly conveys your business values. By learning the “how’s” and “why’s” of your business, we can realise what makes your business and products unique and how best to translate that for your customers.

Aimed with this insight into the inner workings of your company develops our process into a specific roadmap for your brand development, enabling us to identify how to unlock your brand’s potential, whether you need a new logo, focused branding campaign or a complete rebrand. Our roadmap structure provides both you and us the opportunity to review, build and innovate throughout the process to create a brand experience that communicates to your customers your specific values and USPs to build lasting relationships with your customers.

Why Work With us

By choosing Flowmedia as your branding partners means that you gain our expert insight into what makes a truly unique branding experience for your business improving your recognition with customers. Our approach places you in the driving seat and enables us to understand your business before we undertake any work.

Focused on You

We approach each project with your viewpoint in mind, ensuring that each brand experience is uniquely personalised to you. Our team works alongside you to ensure that your brand message is cohesive across all your channels.

Wealth of Experience

Our team has a wealth of experience in branding across multiple sectors and industries. We know how to effectively position your brand to achieve your goals.


All of our pricing is based on an hourly basis, therefore you know exactly long we are going to spend on your project and what that will cost.