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Search engine advertising is becoming increasingly more competitive making it more difficult for businesses to unlock the true potential of PPC advertising. Our PPC consultants have experience with creating innovative PPC campaigns that deliver amazing results for our clients. Our PPC specialists work with you to ensure that your ads are targeting the correct terms, demographics, and audiences, so you can get the very best out of your campaign. We have the experience and expertise to help you unlock the potential hidden in your search advertising account and put you in front of the right audience with targeted campaigns that generate results.

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Our Services

PPC Audit

Conducting a PPC audit of your account is the first step in understanding the best course of action for your advertising campaigns. Our experts have the experience, knowledge and tools you need to get the job done right. We’ll analyse your paid advertising activity and account performance to identify where your account can be optimised. We then build a detailed report for you, we use the report and audit as a basis for our campaign strategy to ensure that your business gets noticed.


Increase your conversion potential by targeting customers who have recently visited your website, making them more likely to convert. Due to the focus on previous visitors, retargeting campaigns have a high success rate when compared to other PPC campaign types, enabling you to focus your paid search budget more effectively. As PPC specialists we can build and deploy a comprehensive remarketing campaign that will connect with your returning customer base and drive conversions.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping (previously Google Product Search) is a powerful advertising strategy for eCommerce and brick and mortar retailers with great success rates. Google Shopping works by placing your products directly into relevant search results, getting your products in front of potential customers quickly; making it an excellent PPC tool. Our PPC consultants can help you to build an effective Google Shopping strategy that will target the relevant audience, pick out the right keywords, and deploy the right tactics to drive conversions for your business.

Display Advertising

Drive traffic to your website with attention-grabbing display advertising that showcases your business with expertly created adverts. Our PPC and design team know how to create images, animation, or video advertising that will engage your customers and drive conversions. Our ads will help you to promote new products or offers or highlight key items or services, all while building brand awareness and expanding your company's reach with expertly crafted visuals that complement your brand colours, messaging and style.

Our approach to managing your paid search advertising

1. Analysis and strategic planning

Our PPC consultants will review your PPC account and conduct an in-depth audit of your current campaigns, adverts and targeting. By analysing your account we are able to highlight what needs restructuring and optimising and where you are missing opportunities. We then use this information to create a strategic plan that is tailored to your company’s requirements

2. Keyword and industry research

We conduct a thorough analysis of your market to identify opportunities and to discover untapped potential keywords for your business. Our skilled PPC specialists will then review your current account and update your campaigns based on keyword research, ensuring that your campaign is focused on the right words and phrases to drive conversions.

3. Review and optimise your ads

Our PPC consultants monitor your paid search adverts performance closely to fine-tune your paid search campaigns for maximum ROI. By reviewing, testing, tuning and re-testing each of your ads on a regular basis we ensure that your ads are continuously performing and improving your return on advertising spend.

4. Optimise your whole customer experience

We just review and tweak your search adverts, a big part of ensuring that your campaign is performing as well as it possibly can be ensuring the customer journey is complete. Our specialists ensure that your paid search landing pages are optimised to encourage conversions. Our copywriters and designers work tirelessly to ensure that your pages are informative and eye-catching to draw your customers further into your sales funnel.

5. Monthly Reporting & Analysis

Like with any outsourced work you want to know how it is working, we deliver bespoke reports on all paid search activities on a monthly basis. The report shows you exactly what results you have achieved with your PPC campaigns, while also being backed up with our expert insight and analysis so you know why each action is taken and what is planned next.

6. It’s a partnership

We firmly believe that marketing your company is a collaborative experience, after all no one knows your business better than you. We work closely with you or your team to ensure that our paid search marketing strategy is perfectly aligned with your business goals and reflects your brand’s voice and messaging.

Why Choose Us

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we work to ensure that your PPC campaigns are engaging, eye-catching and ultimately draw customers in. Our analytical approach means that all of our strategic decisions and plans are backed up by hard data, so we deliver impactful campaigns that are tailored to your business. Our clients have seen a range of successes with our campaigns including, over 500% increase in ROI and 240% increase in revenue from paid search.

Working in partnership with you is at the core of how we work. We’ll work with you to make sure that the best possible ad solutions are in place to enable you to achieve your business goals. When we partner with a company, we work as an extension of, and in concert with, your own marketing efforts ensuring that our PPC advertising strategy is aligned with how you want to be promoted.

Data-driven paid search strategies

Expert knowledge and insight at your fingertips

Creative and innovative approach to PPC advertising

Complete customer journey creation

The Prove is In…

As they say, the proof is in the pudding and we have both happy clients and excellent results to show for our campaigns – so you know that the paid search marketing solutions we offer work. Have a look at our case studies to see some of our success stories.