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About Ebsta

Ebsta is a B2B SaaS software solution for businesses looking to expand their sales prospecting and revenue generation programmes. Founded in 2012, the business has moved from connecting sales teams with end customers via providing contact information and prospecting tools to operating in the Revenue Operations and Intelligence sector. In 2020, Ebsta released a new tool designed specifically to help B2B sales teams to focus on building better relationships with their customers and prospects to improve their revenue generation.

Our Solution

When Ebsta approached us they were looking to expand their customer base and were in the process of launching a new product that would reposition them into a new market, they needed to construct a strategy around how to reposition their website and brand for their new launch. Working with the team at Ebsta, we set out a new strategy that would help them to reposition their brand and focus on the pain points that their new product serviced, including a phrased redesign of their website. 

What We Did

  • Conducted a full audit of their site and content to highlight problem points and bottlenecks that were causing slowdowns in their customer’s progression. Based on the issues highlighted in our site audit, we implemented a plan to update the onsite customer’s journey to improve conversions. 
  • Reviewed key landing pages and updated each page’s copy to optimise for conversion.
  • Redefine the keyword strategy by identifying opportunities with competitor gap analysis, leading to reworked content that refocused on topics that resonated with their current and potential customers.
  • Worked with their product marketing to redevelop and prune their blog and key content offerings to focus on new product direction.
  • Updated their brand to reflect their new direction and create a holistic brand identity
  • Updated the look and feel of the website with a focus on bringing product and solution pages in line with their new product. We updated their CMS system and implemented additional controls for internal staff to add content.
  • We reviewed the Google Ads account and streamlined it to improve the return on investment. Our paid search experts started by removing duplicated and non-converting keywords across all campaigns, then restructured each of the campaigns to optimise ad coverage and reduce cannibalisation.

The Result

Our rebrand and improved marketing efforts helped Ebsta to enjoy increased success as they transitioned the business. The revamped website placed the product line into the centre of a potential customers view and provided the base the company needed to launch their new service. The supporting marketing activities help to increase the brand awareness of Ebsta and drive an increase in trial sign-ups.

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